Posted by: aboutalbion | April 19, 2012


I have always been interested in history, but I have never grasped ‘how it works’ … until a few years ago.  I cannot remember how the change began, but something did change.  The Muse of history, Clio, embraced me.  With the premise that life is always changing, I began to realise that history is about attempting to explain change.  It sounds so charmingly simple as I write this, but I have come to realize that I had to overcome a long-lasting childhood disadvantage in order to achieve this breakthrough.  My childhood did not socialise me in the direction of believing that life is always changing.  On the contrary, the subliminal messages of my childhood suggested that change was a most unwelcome stranger and should always be encountered with considerable caution.  “You’ll always be my little boy in short trousers” was said on several occasions, and it illustrates the maternal matrix in which I was formed.

So it has been a long struggle for me to accept that change is ever-present and normal.  And now I can allow my natural curiosity to begin to collect some of the many varieties of explanation for change.


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