Posted by: aboutalbion | June 9, 2012

Beef in Guinness

I made this casserole this afternoon, and it will serve at least 6.

I begin by putting the covered casserole pot in the oven on the lowest gas setting.

1 or 2 carrots
1 or 2 parsnips
onion(s) (or leek)
(any celery to hand, chopped)
1 garlic clove, crushed
around 1kg beef steak (which I cut into smaller steaks)

 I steam (in turn) the carrots, parsnips, and onion(s) (all sliced) until they begin to soften, and then transfer them to the warm casserole.  Reserve the water.  Then I add the garlic and the beef to the warm casserole.

60g oil
60g flour seasoned with pepper
560mL hot stock (to include 2 beef stock cubes, and the water from the steamer)
440mL can of Guinness
soft brown sugar (or honey), to balance the taste of the sauce
1t mixed herbs

In a saucepan, I make a roux with the oil and flour, and cook it for at least two minutes.  Over a medium heat and by smallish amounts, I stir in the hot stock and the Guinness, and continue stirring until the sauce boils.   I add the sugar (and check the taste), and then the mixed herbs.  Finally, I pour the sauce over the vegetables and meat in the warm casserole, and stir in.

I cook the covered casserole on GM2 (150C, 300F) for 4 hours.  Today I served the casserole with crushed new potatoes (with mint) and broccoli.  It was delicious.


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