Posted by: aboutalbion | June 19, 2012

Temple of Albion (10)

A tenth criterion on an anthropological checklist for identifying a religion looks for a specialist religious elite priesthood.

I would start by considering the civil service for this role.  If the sacred duty of UK citizens is to make ‘the economy’ bigger, then the civil service are Crown employees who are tasked to create the optimal conditions for this to happen.  The civil service (around four hundred thousand) are servants of government ministers.  And within the civil service, there is a senior civil service of more than three thousand who are concerned with the formation and implementation of policy.

The roles and responsibilities of all civil servants are governed by the civil service code.  This code outlines the core values and standards expected of civil servants. The core values are defined as integrity, honesty, objectivity, and impartiality.

Civil servants may vote, but they cannot stand for a political office.  All civil servants are bound by the Official Secrets Act, which means (among many others things) that they may not speak to the media or write about their experiences in the civil service without permission.

I think that the central role of the civil service in the daily life of the UK would make it a worthwhile discussion topic with an anthropologist for this criterion.


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