Posted by: aboutalbion | July 2, 2012

Abraham’s children

The major religious forces of ‘the west’ would seem to have been Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  And I have sympathy with the approach that sees these religions as the quarrelling descendants of Abraham.  All three seem to have an Abraham tradition towards the beginning of their sacred stories.

As I understand the scene today, all three religions have internal splits between conservative and liberal elements.  The current basis of internal divisions includes disagreements over the status of same sex relationships and over the position of women.

In a week’s time (9 July), it will be the turn of the Church of England to put its conflictions into the public arena.  On that day, there is a plan for the general Synod of the Church of England to have a final decisive debate and vote on whether or not to proceed to arrangements that would allow a woman to become a bishop.  Even as I write, there are rumours that this vote may be postponed for several months – on account of late changes to the wording of the motion to be debated.

In the sacred stories, Abraham is portrayed as having ‘a concern with godlike beings’ and their demands on him, and it seems to me that his children are determined to follow in his footsteps.


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