Posted by: aboutalbion | July 9, 2012

The rumour of a shared morality

In my weekly weekend UK newspaper last Saturday, a distinguished religious leader wrote an essay advocating morality and trust.

His premise was that “we are reaching the endgame of a failed experiment: society’s attempt to live without a shared moral code.”  His argument was that a return to a shared morality, based on trust, has the potential to avert national failure.

The essay hinted that the writer believed that the ‘experiment’ began in the 1960s – which just happens to coincide with the writer’s teenage years.  For myself, I find it difficult to imagine a time when there was a shared morality among all British citizens.

The current focus of media concern is the bankers.  The bankers appear to me to represent the interests of the ‘master’ class, in that the banks are centrally concerned with the legal generators of unearned income (in the form of rent, interest, and profits) for their clients who have financial assets that are surplus to daily life.  The numerous ‘servant’ class, who have no financial assets that are surplus to daily life, are quietly angry at the transfer of their financial resources to the ‘master’ class, by these legal generators of unearned income.

So far as I can see, since the advent of private property, there never was a time when the British people had a voluntary shared moral code.


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