Posted by: aboutalbion | July 11, 2012

Insolvent communities

I noted yesterday that I am uneasy that my country is living beyond its means.

I read that the small (American) town of Mammoth Lakes (population c. 8200) is the latest local authority to announce that it is bankrupt.  It follows on from the announcement that Stockton (population c. 290,000) was seeking bankruptcy.  And these two settlements in California are following in the footsteps of Westfall (Pennsylvania), Moffett (Oklahoma), and Pritchard (Alabama).

I live in the central part of the UK and don’t travel much in the north.  But here is a very recent report (in the national press) from our northern cities.

“Over this past year or so … both the mental and physical landscape of the North has tangibly changed.  …  Retailers have deserted town centres in droves.  Charity shops and discount stores have replaced them.  …  In my growing up town of [   ] more than a quarter of retail premises are empty and even McDonald’s has joined the exodus, moving out last November.”

I can’t help wondering if this is the way that the lights of western capitalist culture are going to be turned off?  One by one …


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