Posted by: aboutalbion | August 17, 2012

DIY religion (0)

This week, my local newspaper carried a report of a person who has decided to start his own religion.  It was, in fact, a personal response to the news of the discovery of ‘The God Particle’ by scientists in Switzerland.

My reaction was to reach for a twenty year old book on my shelves.  It’s entitled “Start Your Own Religion” by Colin Morris, and it takes the form of a series of ten topics that would need to be addressed to put together from scratch a religion which would meet the deepest needs of human beings.

Those who follow this blog will recall that one of my interests is assessing the strength of the case that a nation state (in a globalized world) functions as a religion (whether I wish it to, or not).

So let me, in a fresh series of posts, follow the steps of Colin Morris’ book and attempt to examine the extent to which my country, the UK, functions as a religion.

[Morris, Colin (1992) Start Your Own Religion.  London: BBC Books.]


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