Posted by: aboutalbion | August 21, 2012

DIY religion (2)

The second topic in Colin Morris’ list is scope.  And the question for my case is: “Has a nation state (such as the UK) the scope of a religion?”.

Morris reminds his readers that all life revolves around satisfied and unsatisfied desires.  “Among the basic human desires are those to do with food, shelter and security.” (p31)

I find that modern nation states are likely to have central organisations that are concerned with arrangements for these basic desires of food, shelter and security.

When these basic desires have been met, human beings “… also have a thirst for explanation.  …  Two questions in particular have wrestled the human mind to a standstill – the purpose of creation and the fact and meaning of evil.  …  Religion answers the human hunger for explanation by ascribing a meaning to life that may go far beyond the available evidence, and so is a matter of faith …”. (p32f)

To the extent that nation states host explanations for these two questions (after meeting the basic human needs), I find that a nation state (such as the UK) has in principle the scope to be a religion.

[Morris, Colin (1992) Start Your Own Religion.  London: BBC Books.]


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