Posted by: aboutalbion | August 29, 2012

DIY religion (8)

The eighth topic (out of 10) in Colin Morris’ list is community.  And the question for my case is: “Has a nation state (such as the UK) a sense of community like the sense of community normally associated with a traditional religious organisation?”

Morris points out that a religious community aims to develop both personal relationships and ideas of mutual interdependence.  “The religious word is fellowship, communion both with others and with the Other …”. (p84)

I think it is widely accepted that ideas of community are alive in many areas of the UK.  A strong indicator is the amount of charitable activity that occurs.  I have just seen one estimate that around £11 billion was donated by UK adults in 2010/11.  Another report puts the UK as the fifth most charitable nation in the world.

So I find that a nation state (such as the UK) has in principle a well-developed sense of community like that of a religion.

[Morris, Colin (1992) Start Your Own Religion.  London: BBC Books.]


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