Posted by: aboutalbion | September 14, 2012

Early sighting of Christmas poster

“Reality never bothers a good myth” means that it is irrelevant whether or not the myth is true.  That’s what I wrote yesterday.

And this is the case with the poster that the mainline UK churches will be using this Christmas.  The church press are previewing the forthcoming advertising campaign at the moment.

In a blue and white (and a small amount of pink) Christmas poster, the infant Jesus is portrayed as a child’s doll (dressed in a one-piece with a sheep decoration on its front).  The text reads: “Godbaby.  He cries.  He wees.  He saves the world.  Christmas starts with Christ … not available in shops.”

When the campaign is launched, this will be another example of a third century idea (of the human and divine nature of the adult Jesus) being projected back two hundred years to a baby’s historical infancy.

My understanding is that when professional historians look for evidence that is reasonably contemporary with the birth event postulated, they find nothing.


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