Posted by: aboutalbion | November 11, 2012

Second century workers required …

Larry Hurtado is the recently retired Professor and Director of the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins at Edinburgh University.   I have appreciated one of his recent blog posts endorsing the idea that the second century CE is the ‘Cinderella century’ for the study of Christian origins.

“The second century Christian figures, texts and developments have still not had the attention that they deserve.”

He, in turn, pays tribute to Professor Eric Osborn of the University of Melbourne who has researched the second century CE.

“At the end of the first century [Christianity] did not count …  By the end of the second century, Christianity was on the way to dominance in the Roman Empire.  …  Any such expansion requires at least four things: some thinkers to think, new resources to use, questions to answer, and an opposition to challenge.” (pp 1,9)

As I read these opinions, I felt a surge of confidence that I had made a wise choice to study the history of Christian origins through the data of papyrus46 (dated to around 200 CE).

[Osborn, Eric (1981) The Beginning of Christian Philosophy.  Cambridge: CUP.]


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