Posted by: aboutalbion | November 18, 2012

The verdict …

I’ve been looking at my latest cake [15 November post] for a few days now, and I’ve just had the opportunity to have the first slice.

I’m happy with the medium gold colour of the cake, and the oat flour flavour is balanced with the mixed spice (pumpkin spice) flavour (together with a hint of orange).

The texture is soft and crumbly, but for me personally, I was a shade disappointed that it was relatively dry.  As and when I make it again, I shall consider adding a little extra orange juice and/or shortening the cooking time a little.

Overall, I am glad to have been challenged to work with oat flour.



  1. do you think it was the oat flour that made it dry – was it less moist than your original cake? also, out here in the US we use apple sauce in place of oil or butter and it works pretty well – if you don’t get apple sauce in your stores just blend up an apple –

    Yes, shortening the baking time may help –

    Thanks for the pics –

    I will let you know how mine turns out



    • Without doing further research, Lara, I do suspect the switch from wheat flour to oat flour as the principal reason for the drier texture. Anyway, since I last posted, Margaret has had a slice and given it her approval. There is always room for fine tuning a recipe for the local ingredients and for the actual cooker used. I really like the suggestion of using apple sauce in place of oil (or butter). In fact it might enhance this recipe (US version)… Best wishes, Howard.

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