Posted by: aboutalbion | November 29, 2012

Christianity: one writer’s report

A N Wilson is an erudite, prolific writer in many genres.  It is now well documented that, after letting his church membership lapse for several decades, he has resumed his Christian journey in the past few years.

I just wish to quote a sentence from a recent interview published in the “Church Times” [23 November 2012].  “I don’t understand many of the doctrines [of the church], such as atonement …”

If an erudite church member such as A N Wilson does not understand the doctrine of atonement, then I find this further evidence to add to my comments about the report noted in the previous post – that I am doubtful that Christianity can be taught coherently.



  1. Wilson’s life journey is an interesting one that somewhat parallels my own. In my opinion, his loss of faith in church doctrine can be traced to a belief that the church hijacked the teachings of Jesus and superimposed over them a doctrine that would appeal to the then pagan world of the Roman Empire. The result has been a jumbled mess that continues to this day to defy logic or explanation. For Wilson to say that that he doesn’t understand doctrine is really an understatement because , in reality, I’m sure that he doesn’t agree with it. For example, I find one of the core belief systems of the church (creation out of nothing) to be beyond any sort of logic or reasoning and if that belief fails, so to does much of church doctrine.

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