Posted by: aboutalbion | December 21, 2012

2012 … a very short review of my year

I send (northern hemisphere) mid-winter greetings to readers who drop by.  And in this post, I would like to mention one or two memorable moments that come to mind as the year draws to a close.

Margaret and I headed to the ‘west country’ for our mid-winter break last January and chose Truro as a base.  Mevagissey was pretty, Falmouth was busy, and Lizard Point was exposed.  Meanwhile, back in a cinema in Truro, we saw “War Horse”, and that proved to be a triple Kleenex job for me.

In February, our garden played host to a flock of redwings for a couple of weeks or so.  Some fresh snow arrived on my birthday.

I saw a restaurant competition for a new dish advertised in March.  I entered my twist on (what I believe to be) the national dish of Brazil, ‘feijoada completa’.

In April, I learned that I had achieved a ‘walk-over’ in the restaurant competition for a new dish.  It seems that my ‘pork and beef casserole’ dish was the only entry … but instead of collecting all the advertised prizes, I was awarded some restaurant vouchers instead.  And in the middle of the month, I decided to begin this blog about things that interest me and about which I am curious.

There were more family awards in May.  My eldest daughter and her primary school class won first prize in the ‘Painting with Plants’ competition at a Gardening Show for their interpretation of John Singer Sargent’s painting ‘Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose’.  And Joshua crowned his years of committed training at kick-boxing with the award of his black belt.

In June, we were involved in a couple of local Jubilee parties.  At one of these, a ‘bring and share’ street party, Margaret demonstrated her considerable BBQ expertise.

A long-standing internet connection problem was solved in July.  We had endured ‘crackling’ on our landline, and rather poor (white) BT hub performance, for several years.  Events came to a head, a BT engineer called ……. and he found a small portion of weathered bare wire.  As a result of this consultation, we now have a black BT hub, a lower broadband charge, and a normal internet connection.

At the beginning of August, we again enjoyed the fresh seaside air at Bournemouth for a day.  Later in the month, I participated in the control group of a breathlessness research project which involved time in an FMRI scanner, followed by walking, jogging, and running up and down a large room one hundred times (in total).  And towards the end of the month, Jack heard that he had achieved fourteen GCSE awards all better than grade C … quite amazing.

We resumed our respective part-time teaching commitments in September.  I committed myself to visiting Central America over the New Year to rendezvous with my youngest daughter and her family.  I duly signed up for a short ‘very beginners’ course in Spanish at ‘night school’.

In October, I joined the local branch of the Historical Association.  And after following the ‘intermittent fasting’ method (4/3) of weight reduction for ten weeks, I recorded a satisfactory reduction of half a stone.

We were able to visit my ‘middle’ daughter in November for a late birthday (and early Christmas) visit.  I made a ‘Prowling Tiger … Hidden Zebra’ Cake for the party because Thomas likes animals.

So at the end of this month, as mentioned above, I shall be flying away to visit my non-UK based grandchildren in Central America.  The days are galloping by, and I am finding it difficult to turn my attention to packing for the trip.  This blog will now hibernate, and I expect it to wake up again in the middle of next month.

I wish everyone peace in the year to come …


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