Posted by: aboutalbion | February 11, 2013


Special birthday

I feel that my golden sunset years have arrived … I turned 70 over the weekend.  And over the past six weeks, in Central America and the UK, I have seen all my children and grandchildren.

For the UK visits, I have enjoyed experimenting with a cross between a tiramisu and a pavlova.  For last Saturday’s celebration, I made two pavlova bases (two egg whites each) with the same (20cm) diameter.  For the sandwich filling, I used (250g of) mascarpone (sweetened with 4T of icing sugar).  And for the topping, I whipped (300mL of) double cream (with 2T of icing sugar and 1T of coffee granules).  The decoration was slices of kiwi, mandarin orange segments, and chocolate coated raisins.

Not shown is the zabaglione sauce (made with the four egg yolks) flavoured with (1T of) coffee granules (dissolved in 1T of boiling water).  This sauce was added to and mixed with (another 300mL of) lightly whipped double cream before serving.

This tiramilova was consumed at one sitting … “It’s coffeelicious”, said my youngest grandchild at the table.


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