Posted by: aboutalbion | November 6, 2013

Vanilla Muffins

vanilla muffins

Here’s the first bake with my new muffin tray.  They’re ‘Raisin (with orange) Chocolate Chip Vanilla Muffins’.

This bake was the first time I had used oil and crème fraiche in the recipe instead of butter and milk.  I did this to try to ensure that the muffins were moist … which they (almost) were.

Otherwise, my recipe was the standard one of adding a bowl of dry ingredients to a bowl of wet ones.  I then added the raisins (pre-soaked in orange juice) and the chocolate chips (straight from the freezer) to the final bowl, and folded the ingredients together with the minimum amount of slow ‘swirls’ – not more than fifteen.

I was happy with the way they turned out, and, what’s more, they were given the nod of approval by my grand-children who were around.


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