Posted by: aboutalbion | December 23, 2013

2013 … a very short review of my year

At this time of the year, I send mid-winter greetings from the UK to readers who drop by.

Joy & Woe are woven fine, a Clothing for the Soul divine.

These lines from William Blake come to mind as I sit down to reflect on the passing of another year for this post.

My 70th birthday year began with me sunning myself beside the Pacific Ocean (with the temperature above thirty degrees) on New Year’s Day.  I was visiting El Salvador at the invitation of a family member.  I was taken to many sites in this small country of volcanoes (Lake Coatepeque, some Mayan locations, Oscar Romero’s house and Cathedral, etc) but the abiding memory is of the generous hospitality of the family that hosted me.

After the special birthday time itself, there was a first visit for me to the Royal Albert Hall.  It was to see an ‘in the round’ performance of ‘Carmen’.  The ‘in the round’ setting enabled both inside and outside the tobacco factory at the beginning, and both inside and outside the bull ring at the end, to be staged.  It was memorable in so many ways.

In the summer, I decided that it was time to retire (after more than eight years) from my professionally enjoyable part-time work with a local University.

More recently, I volunteered to have a PSA test so as to put a base line reading on my medical notes.  I was glad that the result which came through did not need any further discussion with my GP.

In the summer, Margaret and I realised our long-established plan to sell our family-sized house which had been our home for eight years.  When it was bought by a couple with three primary school aged children, we were pleased that the house was returning to family occupation.

Through very sad circumstances, I now record that my wife and I are living apart.

I have moved to a development of apartments (flats) for retired folk who can evidence ‘independent living’.  I am exploring volunteer roles with one or two organisations, and I am booked up with a short MOOC in the spring of next year.

May the spiritual mystery at the heart of creation bless us all with peace in the year to come …

This blog will now sleep until January arrives …


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