Posted by: aboutalbion | January 2, 2014



I greeted the New Year by making a new (for me) kind of cake.  This is my first attempt at a seasonal Stollen (in my Gugelhufp tin).  I followed a recipe to the letter, but as it was in the oven I sensed that it was being baked too long.  And that is how it looks and feels and cuts and tastes.  It is quite edible and enjoyable, but after reading around other similar recipes, I shall reduce the baking time in future.



  1. Hey !!

    WHERE is the recipe – or did you not include it?


    • Hello Lara

      A Happy New Year to you, and thank you for your good wishes (in the longer comment). Yes, we are hearing about the US east coast cold weather on our news bulletins. Here in the UK, it is just wet and windy (for the most part) on most days at the moment. And yes, I too am fond of marzipan, and have been since I was a child. So this Stollen recipe attracted my attention, and what I liked about it was that it was the first ‘bread’ recipe that has given me dough that I can knead in the manner of the experts on the baking programmes. It was a pleasure to work with. The recipe comes from that Brit who persuaded CBS to let him start a show entitled ‘The American Baking Competition’ last year, but the show was not a success (for several reasons) and I believe that CBS stopped it last summer. So where is the recipe? Since I followed the recipe closely, I think it best if I give you a link to it [I replaced the blanched almonds with the same amount of ground almonds, and I replaced the mixed peel with the same amount of glace cherries.] But the one note of caution that I would sound is that (with my fan oven at 170C (325F)) my Stollen looked done in around 30 minutes – rather than the one hour mentioned in the recipe. I did in fact bake my first Stollen for an hour, and the outer layer was (and still is, because I am eating it in small portions) very crusty.

      With best wishes, Howard.

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