Posted by: aboutalbion | January 21, 2014

Lemon drizzle cake

Lemon drizzle cake

With a new electric oven and a new food processor, I decided to bake a firm favourite from the past (but with substitutes for the butter).

It found it so refreshingly (and relatively) simple to put all the ingredients in the processor bowl, mix for a few seconds, scrape down the sides, mix again for a few more seconds, and then have a smooth batter ready to pour into the (20cm / 8in) lined cake tin.

For the batter, I mixed …

250g   ‘replacement butter’ [125g of crème fraiche and 125g of smooth puree apple],
250g   caster sugar,
250g   self-raising flour,
zest     of one lemon,
4          large eggs.

The cake was baked in a pre-heated fan oven at 170C [325F / GM3] for 30 minutes, then 160C for 30 minutes, and then 150C [300F / GM2] for 15 minutes – making 75 minutes in total.  Since there were some early signs of premature ‘burning’, I covered the cake after 30 minutes.  (Next time round, I’ve made a note to start the initial baking at 160C.)

I mixed 110g of caster sugar with 2T of lemon juice for the drizzle, and gently poured it over the piping hot cake as soon as it came out of the oven.  The cake has to be left in the tin to cool completely before turning out.

I’m cutting the first slice of this reduced fat cake this evening …


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