Posted by: aboutalbion | April 18, 2014

Exercise and looks

Since the New Year, I have been working out (gently) on a rowing machine every morning.  And just yesterday, someone (who sees me regularly) said to me that I didn’t look anywhere near my declared age.

And now some university results are in.  ‘The New York Times’ reports that a small scale study (sample size 29) at McMaster University in Ontario has concluded that ‘exercise may not only keep skin younger, but may also reverse skin ageing, even in people who take up exercise later in life’.

Some think that we are still catching up with Hippocrates who (nearly 2,400 years ago) is believed to have said something like, “That which is used develops; that which is not wastes away.”

Most of my peer group in the UK reduce this advice to “use it or lose it”.

Somehow, I can’t help thinking that there is an important genetic aspect to this eye-catching newspaper report.


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