Posted by: aboutalbion | March 2, 2015

What’s in a name?

Apparently … quite a lot.  I saw a report over the weekend that the title of a new secondary school examination in ‘Cooking and Nutrition’ has been set aside because it was felt to be ‘too girly’.  The perception was that boys would be put off by the word ‘cooking’.

Instead, the more inclusive title of ‘Food Preparation’ has been chosen

I have an interest in this decision as I’ve felt for some time that words such as ‘baking’ and ‘cooking’ were not inclusive enough.  (I apologise if I have posted on this before.)

I have an engineering qualification, so my two pennyworth would support the title ‘Food Engineering’.

When I go into my little food engineering room (kitchen), I select a formula (recipe), source some raw materials (ingredients), use a turbine (mixer), reach for a mould (dish), heat a furnace (oven), and finish with some polishing (decoration).

If the end result is edible, then that’s a welcome bonus for me and my guests.


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