Posted by: aboutalbion | March 6, 2015

Magnets on my muscle

New experiences continue to come my way in retirement.  And my current adventure finds me with some magnets plastered to one of my legs.  How did this happen?

Well, yesterday I woke up and noticed a new pain area in one of my legs below the knee.  Since this pain did not disrupt my normal functioning, I got on with my day … which involved a volunteer role at a local workplace.

And at my workplace, for lunchtime only, an invitation had been given for a therapist in Chinese medicine to be on the premises and to give free short (no needle) consultations to any staff who wished to participate.

I took my turn and presented my new pain area.  The therapist demonstrated a correlation between my arm muscle function and my pain affected leg, and then prescribed a special (30cm) plaster (“as worn by international athletes”) to cover the pain area on my leg.  And then on to this long plaster, three small magnets (each within a small plaster) were attached (over the pain area).  I was advised to keep these plasters on for about five days, and the therapist hoped that this would heal the muscle pain.  I thanked the therapist for this intervention.

This morning, I am saying to myself that the pain area has reduced.

And I am thinking to myself that this can be explained in one of three ways.  Either, ‘magnet therapy’ works, or the ‘placebo effect’ works, or most of nature’s ailments are self-limiting.


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