Posted by: aboutalbion | June 14, 2015

‘No treats’ days are returning

I’ve noted two pieces of evidence that family ‘treats’ in the UK may be in retreat.

I was recently travelling back from my favourite seashore on an early evening train.  Near me sat a father and his primary school-age son, also returning from a day in the sunshine beside the sea.  The boy was encouraged to ‘phone his mother.  His mother presumably asked if he had enjoyed the day.  The boy replied, “It was all right … (pause) … but we didn’t really have enough money to do anything”.

And in my weekend newspaper yesterday, there was a report from a UK building society which tracked seventeen leisure costs.  “Families are … being stung by huge increases in the cost of days out” was the paper’s first sentence about the report.

As examples, the paper picked out the ten year increases in the cost of [a] adult season tickets to Premier League football matches at 165% and [b] theme park entrance fees at 79%, and referenced these increases to the 29% increase in the consumer price index over the same ten year period.

In these times of austerity, family ‘treats’ seem likely to be rationed more severely.


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