Posted by: aboutalbion | June 25, 2015

Memories of Margate and Dreamland

News last week that the amusement park at Margate in Kent (UK) was open again brought back many memories of seaside visits there in the 1950s.  I seem to recall that my first taste of candy-floss came at Dreamland.  So also did my first firing of air rifles.  But I don’t think I ever had the courage to go on the big roller-coaster.

I recall that one of Dreamland’s many penny peep-show machines taught me an early lifelong lesson in the misleading power of advertising.

I was at the age when I was allowed to visit Dreamland on my own, and at the age when I was becoming interested in my body and human bodies generally.  And Dreamland had a peep-show machine entitled “Adam and Eve in the Garden – see nature in the nude”.  I couldn’t resist … and I put a penny in the slot.  What I saw was … a lot of ants crawling over each other …  So thank you, Margate and Dreamland, for that introduction to the real world.


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