Posted by: aboutalbion | September 29, 2015

‘Mile’ Post

I would like to pay tribute to the staff of the primary school in Scotland that has pioneered a new kind of whole school activity.

For over three years now, all the pupils at St Ninians Primary School in Stirling have run or walked one mile at school each school day (with exceptions for heavy rain or ice or snow).  At a convenient (but different) time during the school day, the ‘daily mile’ is announced, and everyone (more or less eagerly, and more or less together) start to run or walk around the school’s playing field.

What is special about this school is [a] that none of the children are obese, and [b] that there has been an apparent improvement in the children’s fitness, and in their behaviour and concentration in lessons.

Interest in this initiative from other primary schools across the UK is growing, and researchers from the University of Stirling are going to attempt to quantify the benefits of the ‘daily mile’ for the personal development of the children.


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