Posted by: aboutalbion | December 23, 2015

2015 … a very short review of my year

I wish all who pause at this post the very best for the coming year of 2016.

For me, the arrival of my latest grandchild last January was a significant start to the past year.  She joined her brother (now 4) in London, and together they keep their parents very busy.

I was glad to meet up with my family from Malaysia (and their three children) for a day during their UK summer vacation.  My daughter is glad that all her children are now in the same primary school in Malaysia.  And since returning there, the children’s school has had spells of closure whenever smoke (from the forest fires in Sumatra) settled over their city.

I have continued to visit my eldest grandchild once a term at Cardiff University.  He is now in his second year there.

Most mornings, I continue my gentle friendship with a rowing machine, and I continue to cycle around my neighbourhood whenever I can.  It feels good to be able to maintain the weight I was as a student many decades ago.  I’ve had occasion to show one or two lumps to my GP.  He has dealt with those, but he has spotted a couple of keratoses on my rather bare head (which he wants me to watch).  And more than that, he has advised me that one or two of the (slightly) darker patches on my face may “develop” with age and time.

My voluntary work has expanded this year.  I continue to be the Secretary of a residents’ association, and to work two sessions a week at a children’s hospice.  To these activities, I’ve added being an usher at a local theatre and an information volunteer at a local library.

I’ve met two or three neighbours in the area who have been connected in the past with Bletchley Park.  So I’ve taken myself on two ‘away day’ visits to Bletchley Park this year.  (I found that there was too much on display to take in on one visit.)  Other ‘away day’ visits  have continued to Bournemouth and Christchurch.  I like to visit the Norman stone domestic residential house in Christchurch which is reckoned to have been built around 1160.

My mental challenge to myself this year has been to switch from the ‘general knowledge’ crossword in my weekly newspaper to the ‘cryptic’ one that is alongside it.  Sometimes I finish it, and sometimes I don’t.

Besides that, I’ve challenged myself to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10, and I’m glad to say that it went without a hitch (more or less …).

As the current year comes to a close, may the spiritual mystery at the heart of creation give us all peace in the year to come …


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