Posted by: aboutalbion | February 21, 2016

EU referendum vote (1)

Yesterday, the UK Prime Minister announced that he has arranged (on Thursday 23 June 2016) for the UK to vote on the issue of staying in, or leaving, the EU.

Although, this blog hasn’t been very active in recent months (because I’m working on another writing project), I would like to record some reflections as the time for this vote approaches.

Perhaps, I can begin this post by stating that I’m not committed ideologically to either side of the debate.

Rather, now that I’ve had my ‘three score years and ten’, my central concern is to see that this corner of the world (known as England) has a sustainable way of life in which my children and grandchildren and all my descendants may participate (if they choose).

So my first thought is that this vote needs to be about ideas (and not people) for the governance of the UK starting from the day after the referendum.  And on this point, I register my disappointment that media comment during the last twenty four hours has been about the voting intention of the current Mayor of London.

From the point of view of the stability and sustainability of the UK, I shall listen for what each side of the argument commits to.

I’m expecting the ‘staying in’ side to advocate the advantages of the status quo and say that there will be ‘no change’ … apart from the small adjustments that were granted to the UK at the EU summit last week.

The ‘leaving’ side is at a disadvantage at the moment because it is divided.  Currently, there are two groups wanting to be recognised as the ‘official’ ‘leaving’ organisation, and until that matter is resolved the ‘leaving’ voices are not yet harmonised.

It is often said that it is easier to be against a project than for a project.  As I see it, the ‘leaving’ sides are unsure about a fresh direction for the government that would underpin the future stability and sustainability of the UK.

For this referendum vote, I maintain that policy ideas, when mandated by the UK electorate and enshrined in law, matter more than politicians.


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