Posted by: aboutalbion | July 31, 2016

EU referendum vote (8)

I prefer to go to bed early these days … so when I voted to ‘Remain’ in the EU on referendum day, I felt very sure that I would wake up the following day with the UK’s relationship with the EU unchanged.

I was shocked at the referendum outcome on the Friday morning … and then surprised.  I was surprised at how shocked I felt …  I felt as though I had woken up in a different country to the one I had gone to sleep in the night before.  And that feeling that the UK is a different country still persists even now … even though it is more than five weeks since the vote.

The administrative civil service continues its work, but the politicians around the Cabinet table have (mostly) changed.  The new team of government ministers are now quietly spending the summer creating a new narrative of what has happened and what they would like to see happen next.

If the EU was viewed as a continental economic building block in the formation of a world government, then the referendum vote can be seen as a withdrawal from this aspirational project.  If the EU was seen as a ‘rich man’s club’, then the referendum vote was a protest by the many at being left behind by the few.

As I see it, the challenge for policy makers now is to create a fresh sustainable strategy for the UK that avoids civil war.


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