Posted by: aboutalbion | November 30, 2016

EU referendum vote (10)

I am dismayed that the UK’s Prime Minister is continuing to believe that she can avoid affirming the sovereignty of Parliament in the matter of ‘triggering Article 50’.

As many have noted, her behaviour is reminiscent of a medieval monarch who believes that the referendum result enables her well-developed sense of the ‘divine right of monarchs’ to proclaim that she has a divine mandate to act without involving Parliament.

I expect her appeal next week to the Supreme Court to be dismissed, and I expect the Supreme Court to affirm the sovereignty of Parliament.

If her Article 50 plan is subverted by the Supreme Court, it will be within a system that can be presumed to be familiar to her.  I am wondering how I can have confidence in her (as yet) undisclosed plan to negotiate the ‘best possible’ deal for the UK in a European milieu which may well be not quite so familiar to her.


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