Posted by: aboutalbion | April 30, 2017

EU referendum vote (13)

It’s possible that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be puzzled by the events of the twelve months following the UK referendum last June.  For example, there was nothing about a ‘snap’ General Election in the ‘Vote Leave’ manifesto.

And they might well be confused by the absence of any UK political party in the forthcoming General Election [on 8 June this year] to represent the 48% of the UK electorate who voted to remain in the EU just a year ago.  Why wasn’t there such a political party to argue for a bill to repeal Article 50 in a fresh sovereign Parliament?

But we are where we are …

In calling for a General Election, it seems reasonable to suppose that that the UK prime minister felt the vulnerability of her party’s slender majority in Parliament and the ever-present shadow of the slender referendum result itself [just 52% in favour of leaving the EU].  In addition, it also seems reasonable to suppose that the EU negotiators would exploit this vulnerability during the two years of forthcoming negotiations.

As if on cue, the former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, advises the UK (in a book to be published in the UK next week) not to negotiate with the EU on an agenda drawn up by the EU.

He draws attention to Germany’s commitment to the Eurozone project as the vehicle for European political integration, and to the German Foreign Minister’s creed that “elections cannot be allowed to change economic policy”.  He further evidences Eurozone policies (a) to distribute losses by banks to vulnerable citizens, and (b) to encourage politicians “to extend and pretend” (that is, presumably, to extend national debt and to pretend that the economy has underlying strength).

I ask myself, at what point do these kinds of policies (in the Eurozone as well as the Sterling areas) become child abuse?  For it is my grandchildren and great grandchildren who will drown in debt and reap the harvest of associated social unrest.

Histories of the ancient world have identified a divinity to whom children were sacrificed.  My dictionary entry for “Moloch” is ‘a Canaanite idol to whom children were sacrificed’.  I am reluctantly drawn to the conclusion that the worship of Moloch is continuing in Europe today.


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