Posted by: aboutalbion | July 31, 2017

EU referendum vote (16)

I am struggling to make sense of the current state of the UK at the moment.

My weekend newspaper included headlines such as “As a nation, we don’t know what we want any more” and “The Brexit secretary is playing it by ear with no guide to the melody” and text such as “On every level, from Westminster down to the street, Britain in 2017 simply does not know what it believes, what it wants, or what is possible”.

Is the film “Dunkirk” a straw in the wind?  The “every inch a British film” has opened to acclaim in British cinemas in the past few days.  However, critics in France are pointing out that the film implies that the evacuation from the beaches was a solo British triumph, by omitting reference to the 40,000 French soldiers who sacrificed themselves to defend the city of Dunkirk against superior German forces and the 120,000 French soldiers who were also evacuated at the same time.  “Dunkirk” would appear to be biased towards audiences of hard Brexiteers who seem keen to embrace isolation from the rest of the world.

Or is it dawning on the UK electorate that leaving a politico/religious cult (such as the EU) is in itself a disorientating matter for all?  Cults do not anticipate members leaving.  The EU (as a cult) has promoted the ‘reward’ of a Europe with no more wars, together with the mantra that the EU federal budget must always expand to increase its power and influence.

From this standpoint, the so called Brexit ‘divorce bill’ has an iconic status.  If the UK pays it, then the EU (as a cult) has had its creed affirmed, and the UK will be seen to have self-harmed in order to leave and to accept inferior trading arrangements.  If the UK refuses to pay, then the EU (as a cult) will have to be seen to excommunicate the UK and to make future trading arrangements as difficult as possible.

With the authoritarian EU claiming to be the representative power and voice of “Europe”, the alleged desire of the UK to also be good Europeans without being a member of the EU seems difficult to express itself in day-by-day living.

At the moment, I can see no end to the chaos and gloom that is descending over my country.


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