Posted by: aboutalbion | October 15, 2017


My new home on the south coast has a modest garden … a couple of small lawns and a few shrubs at the front, and a lawn surrounded by several shrubs at the back.

So I appreciated the endorsement of gardening in my newspaper this weekend.  It ran a leading article that suggested there was support for the prescription that the recipe for happiness might include responsibility for a garden and/or an allotment.  Here are the relevant extracts …

“Sales of chicken coops and beehives are taking off.  Greenhouse purchases have risen eight-fold since the spring.  …  Britain is turning back into an episode of The Good Life …  There is a lot of evidence that this is the most reliable road to happiness.  In studies of self-reported well-being people who do a lot of gardening are always happier than those who do not.  If government were to have a happiness policy then handing out allotments would not be the worst option.  …  The allotment [option] … has a philosophical heritage.  Is it really no more than a coincidence that … the title The Good Life [was] a direct translation of Aristotle’s concept of ‘eudaemonia’?  One of the vital components of the Aristotelian good life is purposeful activity such as can be found [on many allotments and in domestic gardening].”  [The Times, 14 October 2017, p29]


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