Hello, and welcome to my blog …

A long time ago, in the big city of Birmingham (United Kingdom), in the middle of what some call the Second World War, I was born.

I am a middle class male, who has been spent his working life in the United Kingdom on scientific matters.

I now have an active retirement in the middle of the United Kingdom.

And, in the twilight of my life, I am blogging about what interests me because I am curious about people and things.  Everyone has their interests and opinions … and these are mine.  Sapere aude…  

Themes that have emerged so far include the priority of world history over national history, the priority of fiscal policy over social policy, the equivalence of politics and religion, the equivalence of humanist and religious life-stances, and the history of Christian origins.  Over time other themes are likely to emerge.

Comments that discuss the ideas mentioned in a post are welcome.  As a matter of policy, ad hominem comments from spokespersons of commercial organizations will not be approved.

I dedicate this blog to my grandchildren: J, J, B, S, E, D, T, and M.  May they find a way of living at peace with their selves and with all their neighbours.

“In the name of Life, and in the name of the House of Life, Life is victorious over all magic.”

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